Arkanoid: Learning Javascript and Node

Its been long long overdue but recently I have been learning javascript. I’ve always thought the best way to learn a new language is just to dive in and start writing something and getting the code working, so that’s that i’ve done. With the help of these tutorials, I’ve written a version of the classic Atari arcade game, Arkanoid. Its written entirely in javascript and html5, no third party libraries or frameworks.

Play the live game at or check out the source code on github,


I’ve enjoyed working with javascript and look forward to getting a deeper understanding of the language. It’s very quick and easy to get things up and running with javascript and the only things you need are a text editor and a browser.

Perhaps one thing worth mentioning is how I hosted the game. I used node, express and azure websites to host the game and it was a very slick experience.

Node does seem to live up to all the hype. With just a few lines of javascript I was able to create a webserver with node and express and have it serve me the game over http. That’s impressive, no need to install and configure IIS or apache. With azure I was able to simply push a git repo into the azure cloud. Once there azure works out it is a node application and starts hosting it for you – nice!



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