TFS Build 2015 (vNext) – Build Definitions

This post is part of a series of articles on the new TFS Build vNext System.

Lets take a more detailed look and the new build definitions and see what there is there. I’ve just downloaded the latest version of Visual Studio 2015 RC and I was a little surprised to see almost all UI for managing and editing builds (both xaml and vNext) has moved to the web portal. This is a big minus point for me, as a build ‘power user’ continuously switching from VS to the browser to monitor and manage my builds is very inefficient. I raised this uservoice request about it. Just imagine the number of clicks needed in the browser to switch team projects.

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TFS Build 2015 (vNext) – A First Look

I have finally had time to  try out the new TFS build system that is coming out in TFS 2015 and is currently in preview in VSO. I have worked a lot with the xaml based system so I was very interested to see how  the new vNext system compares and how I can move my very long and complicated xaml build templates over to vNext. I have been slightly blown away by just how radically different it is to the old xaml based system.

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Multi Threaded PowerShell Cookbook

Powershell scripting has never been my favourite area to work in. Coming from a background of C# and C++, I’ve always found Powershell to be a bit hacky, not very rigorous and quite time consuming to write and test. Recently, I had need to multi thread some long running Powershell scripts and the results I got as well as the processes and frameworks I used to achieve them have completely changed my opinion of Powershell.

I was able to get a process that previously took up to one hour, to complete in less than 2 minutes. What I found was a system that is intuitive, robust and scales incredibly well. I never thought I’d see these kind of results using Powershell but I have been very happily surprised.

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TFS Productivity Pack

I released a new Visual Studio Extension recently call the TFS Productivity Pack.

It’s an open source set of extensions to Visual Studio designed to improve your interaction with TFS. It includes functionality to make navigating to and from the source control explorer much easier as well as advanced compare tools and the ability to branch build definitions to work against other branches.

Happy to see Microsoft Channel 9 picked up on it yesterday

Unit Testing Interfaces in .NET


I want to demonstrate a nice time saving pattern for testing interfaces. It allows us to write the unit tests for an interface just once and use these tests to test any number of implementations of our interface.

The article and example source code originally published on codeproject.

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