Starting and Stopping Azure Virtual Machines in Parallel

The commands Start-AzureRmVM and Stop-AzureRmVM give us a simple way to start and stop VMs in Azure. The only thing is, they work synchronously, so we have to wait for the whole startup or deallocation process to finish before the command returns. If you have to start up anything more than a few virtual machines then using these commands is going to take a long time. If you are working at serious scale in the cloud and are starting up tens or even hundreds of VMs at a time then using these commands is not going to be a option. It would simply take too long to start or stop them one by one. What we need is a way to run these commands asynchronously and startup/shutdown many VMs in parallel.

I want to demonstrate a few ways we can use multi threading in Powershell to achieve this.

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Multi Threaded PowerShell Cookbook

Powershell scripting has never been my favourite area to work in. Coming from a background of C# and C++, I’ve always found Powershell to be a bit hacky, not very rigorous and quite time consuming to write and test. Recently, I had need to multi thread some long running Powershell scripts and the results I got as well as the processes and frameworks I used to achieve them have completely changed my opinion of Powershell.

I was able to get a process that previously took up to one hour, to complete in less than 2 minutes. What I found was a system that is intuitive, robust and scales incredibly well. I never thought I’d see these kind of results using Powershell but I have been very happily surprised.

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