Getting Serious about Powershell

Powershell is what I would describe as a ‘stackoverflow language’. Its the kind of language that, as long as you’ve got some previous experience developing on Windows, you can just get started with by reading a few stackoverflow posts and copying and pasting a few code snippets here and there.

Very few developers out there take their Powershell skills and knowledge seriously and simply use it as a means to an end. This often results in messy, sprawling, untestable and unextensible collections of scripts which end up impeding rather than enabling development.

I have seen this in many teams I’ve worked in and I’ve been that Powershell stackoverflow developer. I experienced first hand the impeding nature this had on the development and release cycle but thankfully a while ago I started taking Powershell development much more seriously and started using lots of new and emerging technologies and frameworks to treat Powershell as a first class language. Here are my top tips of things you should be doing to if you want to start taking Powershell development seriously

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