TFS Productivity Pack

The TFS Productivity Pack is an open source set of extensions to Visual Studio designed to improve your interaction with TFS. It includes functionality to make navigating to and from the source control explorer much easier as well as advanced compare tools and the ability to branch build definitions to work against other branches.

Current support is for Visual Studio 2013, TFS 2010-2015 and Visual Studio Online, support for Visual Studio 2015 is coming soon.

Get it at

Full source code is on GitHub at

Check out the demo video at

Open in Source Control Explorer

Easily navigate directly to the source control explorer from the code editor and the solution explorer

Find in Solution Explorer

Easily find you files in the solution explorer direct from the code editor

Quick Compare

Quickly compare files and folders from direct within the source control explorer

Compare to Branch

Quickly compare versions of files and folders across branches with Compare to Branch

Branch Build Definition

Map your build definitions to build against different branches at the click of a button. All process parameters are automatically updated to point at the new branch(es)


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